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CAR CARE TIPS for Busy Women

A lot of women have the additional responsibility of being the household "car care manager."

It's always better to fix something before it breaks; the same applies to your car. That's why regular maintenance is so important on today's vehicles. Below are some helpful hints that we think will help you maintain your vehicle for years to come.


Screeching or grinding sounds from your brakes can mean trouble.Replacing your old noisy brake pads with ceramic pads can eliminate annoying brake squeal.

Applying a moly-based high temperature brake grease to the backs of the pads can also help dampen vibrations and noise. Make an appointment with us to get a brake inspection. Brake pads are your friends. Check them regularly.


For vehicles that are parked inside, car care experts recommend that the wiper blades be replaced at least once a year. On vehicles kept outside or in areas where the wipers receive excessive use, changing the blades two or even three times a year is recommended for clear vision.

Old or worn windshield wipers can lead to poor visibility in adverse weather conditions. Replace your wiper blades twice a year.



Change your oil at regular service intervals. Maintaining proper oil and coolant levels can help ensure a long life for your engine. R

egular oil changes protect the engine and reduce sludge, which can impact engine performance and avoid costly repairs.

The oil reminder systems estimate oil life based on engine running time, miles driven, ambient temperature, coolant temperature and other operating conditions.

DO NOT IGNORE THE LIGHT! When the light is on, it is time to change the oil.



Improper fluid levels - including coolant, oil, power steering, transmission, brake fluid and even washer solvent - can negatively affect vehicle durability, performance and safety.



Is your muffler rusted out or noisy? A loud muffler may not just be annoying; it can be dangerous because harmful exhaust fumes may be leaking into the passenger compartment. Have your exhaust system checked as soon as possible.



A broken belt or ruptured hose can cause costly engine da

mage and travel delays.


hat happens if never replace your belts or hoses? Hopefully nothing because nobody can predict when a belt or hose will actually fail. But if a failure does occur, the consequences can often be far more serious and expensive than a breakdown and a tow. Overheating is the biggest danger. Depending on how hot an engine gets, the consequences may include a blown head gasket, a cracked or warped cylinder head and/or broken or frozen overhead camshaft.

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